Leading Democrats on climate change issues

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Hurricane Dorian, seen from the International Space Station. NASA photo by Christina Koch.

What the top Democratic presidential candidates are saying about climate change

Joe Biden

“The fact of the matter is that we make up 15 percent of the problem. The rest of the world makes up 80, 85 percent of the problem.”

Bernie Sanders

“Let me be clear: The coal miners in this country, the men and women who work on the oil rigs, they are not my enemy. My enemy is climate change.”

Elizabeth Warren

“Attack the corruption in Washington that keeps Washington working for these big fossil fuel companies.”

Pete Buttigieg

“I know you’re not supposed to use the T-word when you’re in politics. But we might as well call this what it is.” [Supporting a carbon tax.]

Kamala Harris

““They are causing harm and death in communities, and there has been no accountability.” [About ExxonMobil.]



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