Make reservations, get tickets for the January 13 – 18 Panama Jazz Festival

Yes, all these wonderful concerts. But these festivals are an educational project. Panama Jazz Festival photo.

Music takes over the capital
on January 13 through 18

If you get your tickets online before this weekend is over — at — they will be half price. And if you want to make a difference in the world, perhaps more important would be to get tickets for some kid with few means but desire and perhaps a bit of talent, to attend the music workshops, seminars and auditions that are the heart of the Panama Jazz Festival. Maybe she won’t have it to be the professional performer, but will be the extraordinary sound woman of the future. Maybe he won’t be the superstar, but will be a master of his instrument behind the headliner and make a decent living of it. Maybe the neighbor kid will be no such thing, but learn new tastes and get a glimpse of new horizons.

Yes, it’s valid to think of getting tickets for you and somebody special to see a great show. But depending on how connected and concerned you are, it’s also an opportunity to change a young person’s life for the better.

A physical expression of math. PJF photo.

The classes and workshops are in pink. And who knows where they might lead?

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