Servicio de Migración National (SMN): Amenaza / Threat



The National Migration Service (SMN), informs that the peaceful demonstration is a part of Panamanian democracy and all citizens have the right to freely dissent, so long as it does not affect the community. The Political Constitution of the Republic of Panama establishes in Article 15 that “such citizens as well as foreigners who are found in the Republic of Panama shall be subject to its Constitution and laws.”

As a consequence, the foreigners who are residents in the national territory have  some limitations, thus we ask them to abstain from participating in protest and demonstrations in order to avoid legal problems that could affect their residency in the country.

The SMN, empowered by Article 6, Section 4 of the Migration Law, can “authorize, deny or prohibit the entry or presence of foreigners in the national territory, and order their deportation, expulsion or return in conformance with the Political Constitution of the Republic and the laws.

Moreover, Article 65 of this law emphasizes that the SMN will deport and order an impediment to entry into the national territory of foreigners for threats against public security, as set forth in chapter 4 of the Migration Law.


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