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What should I do about the first case of COVID-19 in Panama?

Remain calm and inform yourself via our official reports.
Follow these preventive methods:
* The protocols for coughing and sneezing, and frequent washing of hands;
* Avoid hand shaking, embracing or kissing;
* If you have respiratory symptoms don’t go to crowded places.

Follow our recommendations and inform yourself at @MinsaPma


(President Cortizo acknowledges the early detection of the first confirmed coronavirus case in Panama and calls upon people to remain calm. 

To everyone he reiterates a call for special attention to sanitary measures and to follow the instruction of the Health Ministry, which is the only institution that’s authorized to give official information.)


Mantenemos nuestra vigilancia a viajeros procedentes de países con diseminación de COVID-19.
We maintain our surveillance of travelers from countries where COVID-19 has spread.

Contact us by email at / Contáctanos por correo electrónico a


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