Sanders wins Democrats Abroad global primary, Biden wins in Panama

Voting in Gorgona. Photo by Eric Jackson.

Bernie wins Democrats Abroad primary, Joe wins in Panama

from Democrats Abroad data

By an overall global count of 23,139 votes for Senator Bernie Sanders to 9,069 votes for former Vice President Joe Biden the two contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination split the Democrats Abroad 13 pledged delegates to the national convention with 9 for Sanders and 4 for Biden.

The remainder of 39,984 votes cast in 180 countries was split among nine other candidates, Falling just short of the 15% needed to win a delegate was Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The voting took place between March 3 and 10, but the counting was delayed because there were mail-in votes, some from remote areas of the world. Generally Democrats Abroad gets votes from nearly every country, plus areas like Antarctica that are not organized as nations.

Democrats Abroad is the official Democratic Party organization for US citizens of that political persuasion living outside of the United States or its possessions. It is represented by delegates at the national convention and members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Who those convention delegates and national committee members will be was set to be decided at a global meeting in Toronto, Canada in May. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic the organization has applied to the DNC for permission to hold that meeting online instead.

Joe Biden won in Panama, with 73 votes to Bernie Sanders’s 56 and Elizabeth Warren’s 27. Nobody else got more than four votes There were in-person voting centers in Boquete, Nueva Gorgona and Balboa, with Biden taking the most votes in Chiriqui and the beaches area and Sanders winning the metro area. The total Democratic vote from Panama this year, 164, surpassed the 2016 total of 150. Globally, participation was up some 15% from what it was in 2016.


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