Claro office closures create a production emergency for The Panama News

The monthly run to a Claro office to get my Internet modem stick recharged has been a necessary part of keeping The Panama News going. Just entering $15 worth of Claro cards doesn’t give me nearly a month. On Thursday I put $20 in and got 10 1/2 hours of connection. I can curse Carlos Slim and the business culture he has engendered, but at this point that solves nothing. It is said that people can recharge others’ Internet or cell phone chips,  but nobody seems to  state it in very clear detail and everyone involved in every process seems to take a large bite. But we do what we have to do.

Claro transactions

MY CLARO chip number — which is treated as a cell phone — is 62757611

They say: ” En CLARO contamos con MICLAROEXPRESS, donde puedes RECARGAR, SUPERPACK y ENVIAR SALDO a tus FAMILIARES o AMIGOS, mantente comunicado. en “

They mention recharges via Banco General “u otros”)

Send money to cell phone – or Internet chip that’s treated like a cell phone?:

Packages to buy:

USUALLY I get a 30-day 2G package. NOT SURE how “unlimited” the $5 and $10 packages are. I think you don’t actually get a week, or two weeks, with those.

A usual trick that doesn’t
work at the moment

The chip runs out and I don’t the $16 plus change (the cost of the recharge plus tax) to deal with it right away? For less than that I can  take myself to a place with free WiFi and connect from there. 

But NOT with the present quarantine restrictions.

So now you know another tidbit about poverty rations journalism.

My dumb phone

Is also out of minutes. It’s a Movistar chip there, phone number 66326343.

When that’s running it is a major tool to do what I do.

Mil gracias to all of you who have helped or will help.


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