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US federal law generally gives Americans living abroad the right to vote by absentee ballot at the last place where they resided in the USA. Which does not mean that some partisan clerk hasn’t profiled you and taken you off the voter rolls, or that by some other means you are not going to be prevented from re-registering and ordering your ballot this year. To prevent those things, first check your status.

Check your status

by James Jameson — National Organizing Manager, RepresentUs

We’re in the midst of a pandemic and millions of Americans are being forced to choose between their health and exercising their right to vote.

To help all Americans vote safely, we’ve created a Vote by Mail Resource Center: Check your state’s status, confirm your voter information, and request your absentee ballot now.

We’ve seen what can happen when voters are required to go to crowded polling locations to vote during a pandemic, and it’s not good. In fact, more than 50 people who voted in person or worked at polls in Wisconsin’s April primary election have since tested positive for coronavirus.

You shouldn’t have to risk your health to vote – and you don’t have to.

Look up vote by mail options in your area, then forward this email to your friends and family so they can vote safely, too.

Vote by Mail is a secure voting method that’s already used in states like Colorado and Utah. And 43 states have Vote by Mail options available to voters during the coronavirus crisis – see if it’s available in your state, too.

RepresentUs members have already helped convince 10 states to implement Vote by Mail options since we started this campaign. And just last week, Kentucky announced a bipartisan proposal to allow no-excuse absentee voting.

It’s critical that we protect voters and our elections during this public health emergency.



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