Bernal, Between the lies and the crisis

Photos by the Policia Nacional and the Presidencia.

Between the crisis and the lies

by Miguel Antonio Bernal V.

Not content with having hijacked the right to a modern democracy — a democratic constitutional state of law — the criminal enterprise and the political parties have taken over everybody’s country.

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has become a ring on their fingers. Never before have so few, in such a short time, managed to do so much damage. Their deceptions and rain of lies during the crisis are the distinguishing characteristics of their way of governing,

The reinforcement and concentration of power, through arch-constitutional decrees, have allowed them to make their deceits and lies more effective. Thus, they have been better able to atomize, demobilize and frighten a population ignorant of their fundamental social and economic rights, under the pretext of the pandemic.

They have been hiding information from us for months, distorting the truth, distracting us with media manipulation from urgent and important issues. They have set up a scenario of fear, uncertainty, anxiety and unrest, which facilitates repressive actions.

Between the crisis and the lies, they prohibit claims and demands for justice, or that justice be the same for everyone. For those who steal a cell phone or circulate without a certificate, there is an immediate punishment. But for the untouchable ministers, for the Odebrecht gangsters, for the cover-ups of corruption: applause and impunity.

Between the crisis and the lies, they prohibit any claim that the country’s wealth belongs to everyone and is not owned by only a few. They arrogantly reproach citizens’ demands that the government administer the concessions, contracts, lands, fiscal policy and resources of the State in a transparent, fair and accountable manner.

Between the crisis and the lies, the Panamanian government of the Cortizo-Carrizo (CoCa) administration discredits those of us who demand a new constitution, through an originating constituent process that allows for the construction of a free, fair, caring and just country.

The political and economic leaders during this crisis are the same who, from the beginning, used fallacies and demagoguery to put us in a dead end. It enables them to destroy Panama and fill their pockets.


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