Bernal, The notorious and never fully admitted pacts, part 2

da boys
The Martinelli Linares brothers in custody. Guatemalan National Civil Police image.

From the Mami Pact to the Mani Pact (II)

by Miguel Antonio Bernal V.

Let us remember that since the results of the 2019 elections, inter-party electoral pacts, as well as legislative pacts, have become commonplace, in the absence of absolute programs and principles. Hence we should not be surprised by the inter-presidential pacts, that is, between the current president and the former president(s) — bilateral, trilateral or quadrangular pacts. Without ruling out one or another pentagonal pact and now in this period, up to hexagonal.

Since May 2019, there has been no shortage of ententes among senior leaders and deputies of the PRD with members of the Cambio Democratico faction loyal to Martinelli. There have been direct communications and others via trusted intermediaries, between the current president and former poresident Martinelli.

Those media at Martinelli’s service, and many of those who work in them, have not been able to hide their proclivities in favor of the Cortizo-Carrizo government. This confirms the narrow, but interested, approach between the two figures, in a confused social and economic scenario. Their interests intersect. The relationship has its ups and downs, but with the sides always avoiding any possible breakup.

Thus, in the absolute absence of partisan opposition, the dominant parts of the MANI Pact achieve benefits for each one separately, while they accumulate forces. One side needs to maintain its fragile hold on power – in which ever fewer people trust every day. The other resorts to a thousand tricks to avoid criminal proceedings and hopes for a Public Ministry in which the influence of Cortizo and Varela would outweigh due process.

The entry onto the scene of tMartinelli’s sons, with serious charges filed by the US Department of Justice, with extradition requests for both before the Guatemalan authorities, opens new pages of the MANI Pact. Proposals for amendments and addenda necessarily seem to be coming. There may be reservations introduced into said pact at Washington’s behest. The tune and tempo of this song and dance might change under external pressures.

This forces us to include, in a future article, some considerations that some of the actors do not want to be seen – but which many viewers do.


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