George Scribner’s painting sale and donation

Rio Mar
Bohio for Two in Rio Mar.

Panama native and veteran
Disney artist’s art sale


This is a reminder that between October 15th and November 15th I’ll be selling one painting a day on my social media – Instagram and Facebook.

Here is the link to the paintings I’ll be selling. The prices include ground shipping in the US. (For the benefit of this sale, these are roughly half my normal pricing. Hopefully that’s some encouragement to purchase.)

As as I wrote, my plan is to donate 50% of whatever I sell to food banks — Feeding America and the LA Food bank.

I think it’s for a good cause and I hope you can support me in this effort. It’s my small way of helping out as much as I can.

Thanks in advance and look forward to starting on October 15.

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Hay gas.

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