Yes, There are Panamanians who write science fiction

Genticks, the series of science fiction books by Panamanian author Ariel Agrioyanis which has been published in English and Spanish, is available via major Internet stores such as Amazon, Google Play Books, and Barnes & Noble. It was  presented to an Australian youth audience in this webinar.

Panamanian writer Ariel Agrioyanis
presents his science fiction in Australia

by Héctor Atencio

Ariel Agrioyanis, author of the novels Genticks, Genticks The Three Currents, Genticks The Adventure of Liber and Artemis and The Scale, spoke about his science fiction saga, Genticks, in front of an Australian youth audience on October 30th, through the Internet platform Zoom.

The Genticks saga, whose most recent book was published on May 16th, narrates the vicissitudes of a group of teenagers, led by the young 12-year-old Surina Iacobelli, in a future in which planet Earth is ruled by a global .overnment, whose council members have the interest of controlling everything. The rulers use the latest technological advances, quickly putting down various groups that wish to take their place.

The most recent book of the saga, Genticks The Adventure of Liber and Artemis, was published through for free reading and is aimed at young audiences who have not yet been able to physically return to classrooms due to the pandemic, being an alternative for reading while they are at home. It’s a prequel to the first book of the saga that has as main characters the orphans 14-year-old teens Liberius and Artemis Suan, who have grown up with many questions about their origins in a city on Mars. Soon they get an unexpected opportunity to travel to Earth, where they will try to find answers. They find a harsh reality that leads to the secrets of the planet’s most prestigious science and technology academy, Genticks, and the global government’s dark intentions. This in turn leads to an adventure that takes them to Earth’s remote places and characters like Captain Dewitt Edwards, Samantha Kraussi, Professor Gary Osmond, and Genius Gene on a mission that will change humanity’s otherwise unhappy fate.

These books were presented to the Australian audience, thanks to the Panamanian Embassy in Australia and its Internet resources. The national purpose is to promote the Panamanian letters, in this case published in English. It should be noted that in this webinar, the Australian counterpart was the renowned writer Katherine Canobi, author of the science fiction book Mindcull, a book that, like Genticks, has captivated a young audience due to its plot.


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