Limping along on a malfunctioning computer

The morning after and it isn’t all sunshine. Archive photo by and of Eric Jackson.

When the computer is malfunctioning, it’s a long
holiday weekend and cash is in short supply…

…you make do with what you have, trying to work around the problem.

I’m not sure if it is one or more software viruses, a problem in the hardware or a bad update I got from Windows 10. Or was that thing that said it was an update actually a phishing lure?

In any case I probe and test and see what works and what doesn’t, and which doesn’t work right but can be made to work in a fashion. I will need to go see Mr. Chen, and perhaps have to leave my machine in the city so as to be dark for a few days, there being no Internet cafes open at this stage of the epidemic as far as I know.

Bear with the scant production. See The Panama News Facebook page or Twitter feed for running blogs and occasional commentary. Lend a hand if you can.

Sorry, and thanks…

Eric Jackson


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