Shaping the Lazy Man’s new farm with bamboo…


Use what you have to start something new

photo by John Douglas

Having finally sold the 10-hectare Lazy Man’s Farm earlier this year, former Peace Corps volunteer and local organic permaculture expert John Douglas found a new, smaller plot of land closer to Penonome to start his new farm. The place was largely covered and shaded by bamboo, which needed to be cut away to open up the soil and sunlight for some farming.

John burns nothing. He did give away some of the bamboo. But on the new farm this huge and hardy grass that he cut away is used for stuff. Notice the planter boxes, little fences for decorative walkways and markers to inform visitors about which young plants are which. Surely this will not be the end of uses he has for the bamboo.

If you have any questions about what he’s doing, or want to visit and see, send John an email at


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