Eat fire and chemical death, garden strippers!

smart way to track them
The missing white part of the orange created the trails for terrible retaliation. Photo by John Douglas.

You can push a vegan organic permaculture farmer just so far…

by John Douglas, the lazy man organic permaculture farmer

You know all about how easy it is to follow ant trails, Just walk out there and follow the trail.

But MAYBE you don’t know the whole story.

Some, with the round nests, are our friends.

Some do NOT follow the same trail so there is nothing to find or follow.

Some just party all night long. Can’t see ’em.

Some eat LOTS OF LEAVES! So what to do about the leaf devouring, night partying, no trail leaving, non-Google Map using, mofos?

Tears in eyes, I asked Demetrio, my right-hand man, to stay the night.

So he ate a lot of oranges.

And peeled them, and threw them around.

At 8 o’clock, flashlight in hand, out he went. By then the ants were heading back to their nests, with the visible white treasures showing. He followed them to seven different nests hidden in my jungle.

Coconut meat also works.

Next day they got burned for starters. Then out came the Hormitox.

Wow! Just so simple when you have a real, and really observant, campesino around.

Case settled.

And, yeah, I know, I do call myself an organic permaculture farmer. But they were stripping my farm and I had no other ideas.

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