Bernal, Some parties are “emotional,” most others illegal


The emotion of corruption

by Miguel Antonio Bernal

Ab imo pectore

“From the bottom of my heart” – a Latin expression


The degrading spectacle offered in recent days by the president at ATLAPA has elicited powerful repudiation and citizen outrage. What happened and the justifications that have followed, portray — in full — the ethical and moral rot that dominates the main drivers of public affairs.

Despite the media manipulation and the sponsorship of journalists with expenses paid, who are never lacking, the citizen reaction did not wait. Social networks have been overwhelmed by various expressions, ranging from outrage to repudiation, through pain, contempt, disappointment, frustration and shame of various sectors of the population, all knowing ourselves at the hands of lowly, indolent and disrespectful people.

The dancers, led by the president and his VP, state ministers, governor and a long list of scribes, celebrated without shame on the corpses of more than six thousand dead from COVID, adding to the pain of their families and friends. It was a spectacle that nobody deserved.

What happened was a true portrait of the endemic corruption prevailing throughout the government, especially in its main leaders. A government that, from day one, has been dedicated to bribery, extortion, shady deals, fraudulent alterations, embezzlement and fraud, financial speculation with public funds, private collusion, the stock in trade of all hustlers.

The ordinary functioning of social life continues to degrade — by leaps and bounds — thanks to the ultra-dishonest behavior of the main public actors.

The “emotion” with which they have tried to justify their actions, is just one more expression of the corruption that guides and dominates them. They are people from the bottom of the barrel, who as long as they can continue to lead the government, will spare no effort to achieve their very personal objectives and to make fun of the submissive population who live in poverty, unemployment and restlessness.


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