US intelligence report on foreign intervention in the 2020 US elections

They are SPIES! Take them away...
Understand a few things while reading this report. US intelligence folks may have military positions or may be political appointees, but mostly they are civil servants. In either case the tasks they perform were generally ordered by civilian politicians. This report was prepared for public consumption given the current political climate and reflects the concerns of that environment. The activities of America’s allies, some of which clearly interfered, are not covered here. There is great secrecy, and many conspiracies come from this realm. But there is no evil spymaster out to control the world and what you eat for lunch. However, the CIA does pay attention to food and famine issues and as an institution would rather that you didn’t take up arms against the United States because you don’t have enough to eat.

What the spooks say

Read the unclassified US intelligence report on foreign interference in last year’s US federal elections in PDF format by clicking here.


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