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Tell President Biden: “No more delays! Fire Trump cronies Andrew Saul, David Black, and Louis DeJoy immediately.” Click here and sign if you agree.

Biden needs to make sure the government is run by people who share his values and goals — not Trump cronies

by Randy Bryce — Iron PAC

This week, the Supreme Court ruled that President Biden had the power to remove Trump crony Mark Calabria from his post as head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Biden promptly fired Calabria, and the White House issued a statement that “the President is moving forward today to replace the current Director with an appointee who reflects the Administration’s values.”

Biden did the right thing by firing Calabria. Now, he needs to fire every single Trump crony who remains in power — starting with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul, and Saul’s deputy, David Black.

Join me in calling on Biden to remove DeJoy, Saul, and Black immediately.

Every day that DeJoy is in power, he continues to sabotage our nation’s postal service. 1 in 5 pieces of mail are currently arriving late.

And every day that Saul and Black are in power, they are sabotaging our Social Security system and trying to union-bust the agency’s workforce.

In the Supreme Court opinion, even far-right Justice Samuel Alito made the point that presidents need deputies who will “serve the people effectively and in accordance with the policies that the people presumably elected the president to promote”.

For once in his life, Alito is right. Biden needs to make sure the government is run by people who share his values and goals — not Trump cronies. And the Supreme Court has now made it clear that he has the power to do it.

Tell President Biden: No more delays! It’s time for you to fire Andrew Saul, David Black, and Louis DeJoy.


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