This morning there will be unusual activity around the National Assembly

Rival groups that rarely march together are all converging with one another on the National Assembly this morning. Using emergency powers to ban the legal right to strike is how Nito pulled this one off. He’ll be speaking to the gathered deputies, whose white clothing for the occasion will not cover the collective stain of this legislature’s grasping behavior over the past two years. Given government information controls, there is the temptation to ignore what the president says, but what he says is of much more importance than all the police trophy pics of drug busts, which The Panama News routinely ignores. We will publish Nito’s words, and in opinion pieces perhaps celebrate them and perhaps condemn them. Posters by several of the groups that will be marching this morning. 

On tap this morning, speehes and protests

… and if you are one of these folks most concerned with quickly driving from point A to point B, you may want to avoid the large dowtown area around Parque Porras, Avenida Peru, Avenida Central, Plaza Cinco de Mayo and the Justo Arosemena Legislative Palace this morning. Peaceful or not, there will be people in the streets and riot cops to meet them, and the legislature will be in session with its bloated staff and curious observers in the building. By many perspectives, a good time to be at the beach.


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