Bernal, September’s anniversaries

Hugo the martyr
Dr. Hugo Spadafora, shown here when he was with the guerrillas fighting the Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua in the 1970s, was assassinated by Noriega’s goons on this day in 1987.

A month of memories and observances

by Miguel Antonio Bernal – with links to things by others, most of them in Spanish

September is a month full of memories and observances. These are dates that do not detract from those of other months but that, in our country, must be remembered over and over again. This is so in a particular way in the times we live in, in which the joint criminal enterprise that governs, tries by various means to plunge the population into absolute amnesia.

The respected and appreciated compatriot, Carlos Guevara Mann, one of our most distinguished academics, without pretending to emulate Don Jorge Conte Porras and his “Calendar of Nationality,” maintains a meticulous and detailed list of dates that each one of them contains, a valuable contribution of national and world events that should not disappear from our individual and collective memory.

Today I bring some that I consider prudent to highlight:

Leopoldo Aragón Escalona immolated himself in Stockholm, in front of the facilities of the Embassy of the United States of America in that capital, on September 1, 1977.

September also brings us another anniversary of the physical disappearance -on September 2 and 18, respectively, of 2003, of the professors and constitutionalists Simeón Emilio González Henriquez and César A. Quintero Correa.

 September 11: The 48 years of the military coup in Chile,

the twentieth anniversary of the signing of the Inter-American Democratic Charter,

as well as the 20th anniversary of the Al Qaeda terrorist attack in the United States:

September 13, 1985: the vile assassination of Hugo Spadafora Franco

… and the Panamanian autonomist statement 1826

September 15: International Democracy Day

… and, the quincentennial of the granting of the title of city and coat of arms to Panama, by means of a royal certificate issued in Burgos by Carlos V, and

the bicentennial of the Independence of Central America

On September 16: Grito de Dolores, first cry for independence in Mexico 1810

September 17: Adoption of the 1787 United States Constitution

September 21: International Day of Peace

On September 22, 1980, foundation of the Solidarity trade union movement:_

Signing of the first Panamanian treaty: The peace and trade treaty with Costa Rica (1841: 180 years). Starting point of Panamanian Public International Law.

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