CUCO, An open letter to President Cortizo

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Panama, September 7, 2021

Mr. Laurentino Cortizo Cohen.

President of the Republic of Panama.

Mr. President: You should know, better than anyone, that the current situation in the country is extremely delicate. The crisis is comprehensive and deep. Its impact on the economy and health, despite having been devastating, continues to accentuate and the worst. It is the unprecedented deterioration of the government’s institutions, with an indiscriminate increase in violence, crime and collective insecurity. By virtue of which, among the citizenry, more than uncertainty, there is a deep concern for the future in the short and medium term, due to the absolute lack of serious initiatives aimed at putting a stop to corruption, impunity, waste of public resources and the disproportionate and irresponsible increase in indebtedness — among others of the many mistakes – of authorities who seem to act more as part of a joint criminal enterprise at the service of class interests.

Although there is no foreign war or internal disturbance, the existing state of general upheaval is widespread in society, economically devastating and uncontrollable. It’s an incontrovertible reality, a direct result of the application of extraordinary measures by exception, lacking legal support in the constitutional system, which constitute a serious threat to peace and social stability and which, in addition, could generate undesirable and unjustifiable consequences. That is why we urge you to assume the duty of a statesman, who with a vision of the future and commitment to future generations acts to safeguard the sovereignty and integrity of the nation. Today Panama is seriously threatened by the greed of a few, in collusion with stateless locals blinded by the desire for wealth, illicit and immoral in equal measure. Resort to the only source capable of conferring legitimacy on the exercise of public power, which today is unfortunately compromised. Convene, in short order, a constitutional referendum in which the people can express whether or not they want a National Constituent Assembly. We are confident that it would receive the majority support of the the citizens of this nation.

For our homeland’s comprehensive welfare, and for peace which is the fruit of justice…
Citizens United for the Constituent Assembly (CUCO)

Leopoldo E. Santamaría 4-117-1954
Miguel Antonio Bernal 8-153-2773
Lorenzo Obarrio 3-711-1732
Laura Candanedo M. 4-69-469
Gastón Dormoi 8-196-1008
Anayansi Turner 8-228-956
…a list of other signers, which is growing


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