Bernal, A social security system whose corruption makes it dysfunctional

Seguro protest
“Caja de Seguro Social” – CSS – is Panama’s Social Security Fund, the main but not only components being a health care system and a retirement fund. Here, in one of the recent demonstrations against the government’s many abuses, a woman complains about a health care system where the medicines run out, and so on. A photo from David on a labor union’s Twitter feed.

Bribes are certain at the CSS

by Miguel Antonio Bernal

Day by day, the Social Security Fund administration, through its main authorities, amply demonstrates its concerted action in favor of shady business, arbitrariness of all kinds, with serious consequences for the insured. Most of the improprieties are perpetrated to protect the personal interests of close associates, friends or partners of the directors.

The announcement made by the renowned director of the Social Security Fund of a new budget increase for the so-called City of Health project, is an open confession. It belies the mega-corruption that has surrounded the project and of other new gimmicks staged by the fund’s leader, especially since the arrival of the current joint criminal enterprise to power.

While they keep the public distracted with the misleading “Social Security Fund Dialogue,” the fund’s management is aimed at making it the place where bribes that are assured. Hundreds of millions are lost without transparent accountability in various programs carried out by the fund. Now, with the so-called City of Health, more than a billion bucks will be destined to satisfy the voracious appetite of the joint criminal enterprise and its CSS branch.

Faced with this endless and often described situation, the defenselessness of the insured – the true owners of Social Security – becomes indescribable because not only are they are not taken into account but they are deprived of of care, medicines, hospitalization, occupational risks, disability and death pensions, retirement benefits, social assistance, job security, etc.

And what about the multiple violations of due process, for example, with respect to claims for professional risks and other administrative procedures? It turns into a box of bribes, phantom employees, ugly ethical stains, embezzlement and whatever other atrocity may be perpetrated, Social Security no longer has any insurance, much less social. It suggest civic action.


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