CUCO, A patriotic agreement

ray of hope

A pact for dignity and peace


We find ourselves on an accelerated and unstoppable descent down the slope that leads us towards the abyss of uncertainty and hopelessness. This, by virtue of the unconsciousness and irresponsibility of an incompetent government, marked by corruption and impunity. The situation demands, as never before before, control of emotions, so as not to incur impulsive reactions, which, far from favoring the agreement of alternatives with the lowest social cost, allow us to overcome such a complex scenario, and not worsen it.

The critical and overwhelming situation demands the greatest wisdom, to promote dialogue and debate ideas, which, in the context of peaceful actions, facilitate the best solution. Therefore, we, Citizens United for the Constituent Assembly, CUCO, summon all citizens to a pact for dignity and peace, based on the organization in each and every one of our communities, neighborhoods, social circles, etc. Let’s propitiate, with our reflections and proposals, the construction of a constituent process that’s genuinely democratic and inclusive. It’s the only way to legitimize the exercise of public power.

Democracy is, above all, participation and debate, not manipulation or exclusion, much less deception. We recognize that the objective is a challenge. However, crossing our arms in the face of folly and the institutionalization of violence, would be the worst decision that as a people, we could assume. What’s at stake is the well-being of those present, and the future of several generations, who otherwise would inevitably face a new slavery, with greater economic and social inequalities, and more exploitation of the majority, only for the benefit of those who insist on preventing the will of the citizen from being expressed.



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