Jackson, Martinelli threatens to seize journalists’ assets

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“Given the restart of the political and dirty campaigns against me, I want to announce that I will not waste my time with criminal complaints. The processes that I will initiate in defense of my honor will be civil and will be accompanied by seizures of property.”

Talking about property seizures…

by Eric Jackson

This billionaire thug is threatening to seize the assets of those who criticize him and are not billionaires. This, right after his two sons confessed in an open US federal district court that they conspired with him to launder $28 million in Odebrecht bribes.

He would scream ‘fruit of the poisoned tree’ because the attorney general at the time had improper communications with his successor. HOWEVER, it’s alleged that Don Ricky laundered money stolen from Panamanians to buy EPASA, in part via US banks:

Notice, on the right-hand side of this chart published several years ago by prosecutors, the allegation that bribe money used for the purchase of EPASA (El Panama America, La Critica, Dia a Dia) was laundered through 13 banks in four countries, including banks in the USA.

Let’s cut out the fake “national security secrets” routine in the USA. The National Security Agency (NSA) would have electronic records of the transactions involving US banks and probably those in China, Switzerland and Panama. There would be no reliance on authorities here to prove money laundering.

The ex-president is trying to intimidate the press here in furtherance of a criminal conspiracy that is presently before the US courts and for which there are already findings of guilt that implicate himself.

I don’t see much reason why the US Department of Justice should not move to sequester EPASA. It has never been done and may be difficult to impossible to enforce? Perhaps. But look what the Treasury Department did to the Waked family’s business holdings here.

If Martinelli wants to further a criminal conspiracy about which the USA has already taken cognizance of a part, and cover crimes that used US banks, AND threaten freedom of the press, what better way for Biden to crack down on international corruption?

Greeting the judge’s husband at the club. Click here to see the video, the narration of which is in Spanish. Video and still graphic taken from the FOCO Panama Twitter feed.



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