The Panama News blog links, December 6, 2021


The Panama News blog links

a bilingual Panama-centric selection of other people’s work
una selección bilingüe Panamá-céntrica de las obras de otras personas
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Canal, Maritime & Transportation / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

Nautilus, PanCanal working conditions could affect international trade

Seatrade, PanCanal announces greenhouse gas emissions fee

La Estrella, Panamá recupera el 85% de su conectividad mundial

El Siglo, Panamá inaugura ruta eléctrica

Telemetro, Panamá suspende ingreso de personas de ocho países africanos

The Electric Route: the governments of Panama and Costa Rica have agreed, and have brought in some private businesses, to create a chain of electric charging stations so that people with electric vehicles will be able to travel between San Jose and Panama City without their batteries running out.

Economy / Economía

La Estrella, Migración de estudiantes obliga a invertir en docentes y escuelas

TVN, Crisis de contenedores afecta la llegada de cebolla a Panamá

La Estrella, Cobre Panamá entre las 10 mayores minas del mundo

Wei, Digital finance without cryptocurrencies

Stiglitz et al, A Brazilian senator’s proposal to end vaccine shortages

Weisbrot, The IMF and special drawing rights

Gordon, The graveyard shift

Bat pups. Photo by Teague O’Mara, from STRI’s Twitter feed.

Science & Technology / Ciencia & Tecnología

La Prensa, SENACYT: “Hay un repunte y hay que poner atención”

BBC, Ocean garbage patch is an immense plastic habitat

Human Rights Watch, Mass surveillance fuels oppression

BBC, Trigger of rare blood clots with AstraZeneca jab found by scientists

The Washington Post, Twitter’s new CEO announces major reorganization

Prensa Latina, Carlos Finlay’s legacy in Panama

The October arrest in a Colombian jungle hideout of Dairo Antonio Úsuga David, alias Otoniel, decapitated the Gulf Clan, a major international drug gang descended from the right-wing AUC death squad paramilitaries that were once de facto Plan Colombia allies of the United States. It was just the beginning of that outfit’s disaster. The bochinche is that Otoniel is now providing information to the US Drug Enforcement Administration. There have been many raids in Panama and in Colombia, with information about them carefully managed by governments — or by some accounts, just the US government. Tens of millions of dollars in cash and property have been confiscated and dozens are under arrest. This is a Colombian government photo of Otoniel under arrest.

News / Noticias

El Siglo, Minsa prohíbe los desfiles navideños para evitar contagios

AFP, Record drug money bust in Panama: $10 million in cash

El Universal, EEUU entregó vehículos blindados a las fuerzas militares de Colombia

The Guardian, Mia Mottley: on a mission to transform Barbados

The New York Times, Pegasus spyware used on US Embassy employees in Uganda

The Washington Post, Ammosexual GOP congressman offends

Wired, Peng Shuai and the real goal of Chinese censorship

Ms., “Tracking the backlash” — organized opposition to reproductive rights


Opinion / Opiniones

Federici, Standing with nurses is a feminist project

Mueller, Can the center hold any meaning?

Khrushcheva, Send out the clowns

Boff, The future depends on us now

Castañeda, Fracaso Bicentenario

Santamaría, ¿Constituyente o protectorado?

Sáez Llorens, La trivialización del delito

Turner, Bicentenario, pacto y constituyente

Blades caracteriza a Maduro. Para ver el video, toque aquí.

Culture / Cultura

Variety, Where is film production in Central America and the Caribbean heading?

Screen Daily: Panama’s Oscar submission, Plaza Catedral

BBC, Nocturnes and Max Richter: The best music for falling asleep

The heinous conspiracy EXPOSED! Would Q lie to you?

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