The Panama News blog links, February 2, 2022


The Panama News blog links

a bilingual Panama-centric selection of other people’s work
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Canal, Maritime & Transport / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

Seatrade, Panama approves near shoring law

TheN24, Maersk opens regional HQ in Panama

gCaptain, New US Virgin Islands ship registry launched

The Indpendent, Crystal Cruises ships relocate to Bahamas due to US warrants

Seatrade, For the first time in 12 years, Northern Sea Routes remained closed

A Sunwing charter flight from Canada disembarks tourists at the Scarlett Martínez Airport in Rio Hato. In January, which would be peak tourism season, only 562 passengers came into Panama at this, Cocle province’s only international airport. Tocumen Airport Authority photo.

Economy / Economía

Metro Libre, CAMTUR busca un vínculo más efectivo con gabinete turístico

Radio Temblor, Grupos populares con candidatos para la Junta Directiva de la ACP

Chowdhury & Sundaram, Inflation paranoia threatens recovery

Baker, More thoughts on the Great Inflation Debate

López, Preocupación creciente por aumento del costo de vida

Shafik, The pandemic and our broken social contracts

Stiglitz & Weisbrot, Argentina and the IMF turn away from austerity

Five kilos of powdered sea cucumber, confiscated by Customs at Tocumen Airport. Panama bans the collection, possession and sale of the species of that genus of marine life, which are particularly valuable in Asian markets. The ban is there because sea cucumbers play important roles in the lives of coral reefs and Asian fishing fleets have stripped many places clean of them. Panama’s bad experience was in the 1990s, when a fleet owned by the late Reverend Sun Myung Moon too a lot of them out of Panama’s Caribbean waters. These particular invertebrates, distantly related to the starfish, were captured off of and rendered into powder in Africa.

Science & Technology / Ciencia & Tecnología

Fielding, The biology of how muscles change with age

Metro Libre, Alta cifra de hospitalizados no vacunados en Santo Tomás

MIT Technology Review, Meet the NSA spies shaping the future

Mongabay, Safe havens for coral reefs disappear as oceans warm

Real Clear Science, New way of dating North America’s ancient rock art

Oliver & Martínez, Aislamiento social: la otra pandemia

Gizmodo, All-female termite colonies

Panama’s original movement to defend the rights of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people, the Asociación de Hombres y Mujeres Nuevos de Panamá (AHMNP), going out into the barrios and distributing information about HIV to at-risk folks.

News / Noticias

The New York Times, The battle for the world’s most powerful cyberweapon

TaiwanPlus, Taiwan’s VP meets Kamala Harris and China is unhappy

Nikkei Asia, New Honduran president drops push to ditch Taiwan for China

NY Daily News, Trump demands investigation of Pence

Business Insider, Vindman sues Trump and Guiliani under the 1871 KKK Act

FOCO: Audiencia New Business se suspende

El Siglo, Antai exige transparencia a los gobierno locales

El Siglo, Enero sangriente

Metro Libre, México cambia propuesta de embajador en Panamá

Opinion / Opiniones

Mujica, Viento fresco en Chile

Amnesty International, Israeli apartheid

Schedneck, The mindful Thich Nhat Hanh

Mouynes & Lopez, Rethinking migration in Latin America

Turner, Ley de niñez y adolescencia: deuda de 30 años

Palm, Contemplando a Martinelli sobre brunch dominical

Pinnock Rodríguez, Directiva ACP o colonialismo mental

Bernal, ¿Quo Vadis Unachi?

Culture / Cultura

Remezcla, Chile’s president-elect is a Swiftie

Potter, Ulysses at 100: why it was banned for being obscene

El Siglo, FAE 22 apuesta a fortalecer la salud mental de los panameños

The Guardian, Immanuel Wilkins: “…this idea of the in-between”

Remezcla: Guillermo del Toro on “Nightmare Alley,” responsibility of creators

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