Wilson, The “lost” Secret Service emails


The Secret Service was compromised
and put Trump’s politics over duty

by Rick Wilson, a thread from his Twitter feed

Since the Secret Service “surprisingly” “lost” and “can’t recover” and “let the dog eat” all of its text messages for a totally coincidental window of time on the days around the single most calamitous threat to our constitutional republic and long tradition of the peaceful transition of power after free and fair democratic elections, the 1/6 committee, DOH, and the Department of Homeland Security must absolutely step the hell up.

This isn’t whether Steve Bannon is a scabrous scrapegallow or Mook Meadows was deeply involved in facilitating the legal and organizational lunacy or that Trump’s team both desired frothed the violent elements of his cadre of Orange Shirts.

It matters that a Federal agency given sweeping powers of action and discretion has engaged in an activity that is quite robustly a coverup. Several thoughts obtain:

First, the long-rumored and discussed cadre of Trump praetorians in the USSS needs to get aired the hell out. This reeks like leftover ass.

Second, the leadership and every single person on the detail and uniformed service that day needs to have their personal and work devices of every kind subpoenaed and examined. They must also be deposed.

Remember: this is the Federal agency on the tip of the spear against cybercrime.

The 1/6 Committee Presents The Long Hot Summer series is recommended. They can skip vacation this once and crack some skulls.

I’ve noticed many Republicans get very livid lately when this whole scandal gumbo is compared to Watergate.

Stop doing Watergate shit, then.

The Secret Service is a vital agency. Their unchallenged bravery at being the last line between violence and assassination of US presidents and protectees is storied and written at times in blood.

It is a brave and honorable duty.

The core of their reputation wasn’t a fearsome readiness to defend the President.

It was also a cool, detached professionalism that served the office, not simply the political whims of the man who held it.

For months, Mike Pence’s refusal to enter the VP limo has pinged the edges of my radar. I couldn’t quite sort his reluctance. He’s not a physically brave man, to my knowledge, so what was it?

What else did he know or sense?

I think Pence knew the Service was compromised and put Trump’s politics over duty.

I’m no Presidential staff historian, but Trump’s elevation hyper-loyalist Tony Ornato from Secret Service into the role of Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations might have been a tell.

I suspect he’s rather a key element here.

We know Biden felt compelled to rotate out USSS details members from this
Carol Leonnig piece. (It also contains more on Ornato.)

I’ll wrap this by noting that oversight by the Executive and Legislative in this matter is more than a little urgent.

Trump’s shitbird superpower has always been to call out the worst versions of the people working for him.

The Service is gambling its reputation on HIM?

Author and advertising man Rick Wilson is co-founder of the Lincoln Project.


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