Ocasio-Cortéz, There is power in a union


There is power in a union

by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortéz

The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) invited me to speak at their biennial convention yesterday.

I honestly was GEEKING out over being invited. Not many people may know this, but the Postal Workers Union is pretty badass.

This union was founded and has roots in the largest wildcat strike in American history. A wildcat strike is a strike undertaken by unionized workers without union leadership’s authorization.

The Postal Workers Union formed in 1971 after exploited postal workers, suffering from low wages and poor conditions, went on strike. It was technically illegal, but more than 200,000 workers got involved. The public so deeply supported the workers that the Nixon administration couldn’t retaliate without risking further backlash. After eight days, the workers won: Congress approved their demands and the American Postal Workers Union was formed.

APWU is still revolutionary today. The Postal Workers Union was one of the earliest unions to come out in support of Medicare for All, raising the minimum wage, expanding voting rights, and more.

They are also essential to our society and our democracy. US Postal Workers saved the 2020 election by processing an unprecedented amount of mail-in ballots during a global pandemic and under very hostile conditions – all before COVID vaccines were available!


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