Bernal, And NOW at the University of Panama…

An occasion taken by the rector to announce his choice for a successor four years from now.

Immature premature candidature

by Miguel Antonio Bernal V.

The announcement made on November 3 by the rector of the University of Panama, re-elected barely a year ago, calls for reflection, analysis and prevention.

Indeed, in his speech on the Hill, the re-elected designated with name, surname and position, before the few present, the one chosen — by himself — as a candidate for the rectorship for the period 2026-2031. In other words, four years in advance!

For those of us who believed that with García de Paredes, we had already seen all the damage that could be done to academia, it is necessary to recognize that we were completely wrong.

Like an authoritarian monarch, emulating his political bosses in the PRD, the re-elected rector made known his dauphin and anointed him as jos successor, as if the University were his fiefdom and the professors, students and administrators were his servants or henchmen.

What purposes encourage the re-elected to take a step of this nature that affects, even more than it already is, the academic and administrative life of what was once our first house of studies?

What does the re-elected pursue in wanting to now and forever convert the House of Méndez Pereira into a political patronage racket, with all of the abject practices that entails?

What sense does it make for the University, for him to make a move like this, as if he were Louis Napoleon Bonaparte?

I know that the opportunists will support it — yesterday’s gustavitas and today’s florists.

In addition there will be the silence of the many who today hold teaching or administrative positions, thanks to the nominating finger.

All of this is outrageous and shameful, but we cannot remain silent before the ignominious behavior of the Pharisees of the former temple of knowledge.

The dauphin, heir to the throne and anointed by the re-elected, José E. Moreno, now holds the position of academic vice chancellor. He can only be wished “a good jump.” For now, he awaits the ordeal to which the hosts of his own environment will submit him.


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