Bernal, Old power plays die hard

This administration has begun to arrange the election laws and others so as to prolong its power after July 1, 2024. Miguel Antonio Bernal, archive photo by Eric Jackson.

Another fraud is underway

by Miguel Antonio Bernal V.

In the kidnapped democracy where rampant authoritarianism hides, the times we live in are so difficult for freedoms that we have to go out and explain the obvious.

The constitutional norms, the laws, the rules of the game, are daily violated by the monopolists of the public institutions. It should not surprise us then that, within the constitutional farce to which we are subjected, we are also led by the hand to electoral fraud.

To avoid confusion, let us remember with the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language that fraude is “the action contrary to truth and rectitude, which harms the person against whom it is committed. It is the act intended to circumvent a legal provision to the detriment of the state or third parties.”

Thus, we see how the administration headed by Laurentino Cortizo Cohen and his PRD party, in addition to arrogantly assuming the role of permanent violators of the constitution and of institutionality, have begun to alter electoral and other legislation for a fraud that would allow them to remain in power beyond June 30, 2024.

* Let us remember that, contrary to what one might think, fraud is not a single act. Fraud, in Panama, is in the system, yes, but also in the complicity with which out-of-office political parties act. They do not question the system because they “hope” to be able to benefit in one way or another from it.

* Thus we will see how the “official candidate, like many ruling party candidates, will receive direct or indirect official support, given the complicit silence of the Electoral Prosecutor’s Office, the Electoral Tribunal and the very leaders of the political parties who call themselves “non-government.” The President of the Republic has personally staged and will stage official acts to disqualify, slander or disrespect his political adversaries. For this contrived operation he has all the paraphernalia of the state apparatus.

* Another fraud is underway. So far everything indicates that they will reach their goal, unless the people manage to react. Otherwise, the first thrust they prepare will serve as a preamble to the slaughterhouse of fraud.



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