St. Valentine’s Day gangster movie special

Edward G.
Emmanuel Goldenberg — whose theatrical name was Edward G. Robinson — was typecast as a gangster in the classic Little Caesar and a string of other films that followed. In THIS 1938 flick, however, he played the FBI agent and the gangsters were American Nazis — who called themselves the German American Bund. You see, Edward G. was antifa — his Jewish family fled from anti-Semitic violence in Romania and as it turned out Hitler didn’t have a worse enemy than him in Hollywood.

St. Valentine’s Day — DAT’S da ticket!

gotta speak softly

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Cagney 1950)

Murder Inc. (Falk 1960)

Musical Interlude — Robin and the Seven Hoods (Davis 1964)

Black Tuesday (Robinson 1954)

Lansky (Dreyfuss 1999)

Musical Interlude (Dylan)

The Purple Gang (documentary 2023)

The Red Lotus (Mamaev 2008)


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