Porter, Snow in California’s Huntington Beach


Snow in Huntington Beach

by Katie Porter

Snow in parts of Orange County is just the latest reminder of how urgently we need to address the climate crisis.

Look, I carry a reusable straw in my purse and recycle my Diet Dr. Pepper cans. But we all know that to really address climate change we need to hold corporations accountable and make bold investments in clean energy.

The other week, I visited Southeast LA cities which have been some of the most harmed by decades of pollution. Folks there told me they need a Senator who will stand up to the corporations who have planted pollution in their communities, assuming they don’t have the political power to stop it.

I’ve spent my career standing up to special interests deemed too powerful to take on. On the first of this year, my bill to raise rates on polluters who drill on our public lands finally took effect—but this is just the beginning.

In the Senate, I’ll fight to build on the legislation we passed last year: investing in clean energy, protecting our natural resources, and requiring these ultra-profitable corporations to literally clean up their own mess.

Whether it’s the record drought, devastating wildfires, or flooding, we’re living with the real consequences of Big Oil and other polluters’ greed.

Snow on Southern California: February 26, 2023 NASA Earth Observatory photo.

Editor’s note: Both the US and Panamanian 2024 election campaigns are off to an early start, and in The Panama News there will be from time to time coverage of some of the noteworthy things that some of the candidates have to say. These publications should not be taken as endorsements, but on the other hand that what Katie Porter has to say is considered newsworthy and the latest Q conspiracy theory by way of Marjory Taylor Greene may only be considered news to the extent that it illustrates that there is this delusional person on the House Homeland Security Committee. It looks like a crowded and bruising primary for the seat now held by Dianne Feinstein, probably with a runoff between two Democrats and with Republicans, Libertarians, Vegetarians, Brutalitarians and others along with the Dems in the crowded California “jungle primary.” Included with things by Porter will be some declarations by other Democrats in the primary field running against her, whom the editor has personally admired and respected for years, with Representative Barbara Lee high on that list. This publication might also run things by other candidates who have noteworthy things to say even if the editor is no big fan. On the Panama side of it, is some candidate promising not only the moon but melted green cheese on top to voters who mark the box next to his or her name? Yeah, well. They have their call center trolls and subservient media to treat that as serious news. But we will try to get to the important gists of things.


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