A crime and young citizens’ response (the images may disturb you)

Kids these days
Kids these days — high school students saw a vicious crime in progress and intervened to detain the assailant and hold him until police arrived. A viral but anonymous photo from Twitter.

Hope for the future, despair for the present

citizens’ images of a hate crime and a civic response (you may choose not to look at the violence below)

The Panama News isn’t one of those sex-and-death necro-porn rags. Just not our style.

However, neither are we a news medium in denial. Everything that happens in the world is not beautiful and to reduce the ugliness and make way for the better stuff it’s sometimes necessary to show the ugly in graphic terms.

A trans woman who calls herself Estrella was severly beaten, put into the hospital with serious injuries, by a 35-year-old man. The assailant was then taken down and held by a group of high school students who saw what was going on, while drivers took videos and still photos and others called the police. The cops came and took the assailant into custody, preliminarily accusing him of attempted murder.

The expected hate-mongerers blew it all off as nothing, just an argument between two men. We can be sure that such voices will find echoes in the legislature and on the campaign trail. We have heard that stuff from those directions before.

Not only did the nations’ trans, gay, lesbian, bisexual and otherwise queer groups register their indignation about the crime and solidarity with the victim, a great many citizens who fit none of those descriptions also weighed in with similar thoughts. In times gone by the police may have once been wont to join in on such brutality, but these days the National ¨Police treat it as a serious crime. 

HOW serious? You may want to stop reading this and looking at the images at this point.


He must have thought he’d just walk away…


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