Editorial, Blackmail about an unpopular mining contract

That was THEN – last week – and subsequently the PRD administration threatened that retirees won’t get the pensions that they are owed unless a reprehensible mine contract is extended. Photo from Raisa Banfield’s Twitter feed.

The PRD’s mine scheme is a blackmail demand

Sure he’ll have another motion or two handy, but the original concessionaire for that hole in the ground in Donoso just had his prison term confirmed.

Yeah, yeah. ‘He sold that! And then the buyer sold to us! We’re not him, and if anyon misled that Panamanian people (s)he doesn’t work here anymore! It was an entirely different transaction!’ … And all that MBA stuff that they teach in the US business schools of this new gilded age.

They cut down the jungle, tore out the guts of the soil, shipped off the metal to markets elsewhere and Panama hardly got anything to show. The courts ruled that it was an unconstitutional scam from the get-go, but now the PRD is reviving it and telling pensioners that they won’t get what they are owed and ordinary citizens that the public hospitals won’t be properly equipped unless this deal comes to pass.

There is going to be hell to pay, sooner or later.

Bring it on sooner. Stop this continued theft of Panama’s wealth, legal sovereignty and national dignity.


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