First Quantum, its new spokeswoman and the true face of terrorism here


First Quantum, su nueva portavoz y la verdadera cara del terrorismo aquí

por Eric Jackson et al

Whatever any of the candidates wish to do, we now see First Quantum putting that widely detested mining operation front and center in the campaign for the May 5 elections:









Shall we talk about “terrorism” in last year’s strike?

The gunman who killed people was on the mine’s side. He was a mafia lawyer for the now disbanded financial crimes outfit The Harris Organisation, former consul for South Africa and son of the consul for apartheid-era South Africa. Gaby Carrizo is the son of the manager / CEO for First Quantum’s predecessor in interest in that always unconstitutional concession, Petaquilla Minerals. The gunman’s daughter is married to Gaby Carrizo’s brother. Petaquilla’s founder, principal owner and main brain? That’s former Cocle governor Richard Fifer, who is now in prison for fraud. Yeah, devotees if the Murdoch media hailed the guy as an American “gun rights” hero, but that’s the face and social milieu of actual terrorism in Panama.

Corporations are persons, the legal fiction and neoliberal religion says?

Well, fine. First Quantum is a foreign person not only found in violation of Panama’s constitution, but engaged in a long-running and in-everyone’s-face intervention in Panama’s sovereign political affairs. It should be declared persona non grata and expelled from Panama.


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