Jackson, Bear with us — or to be frank, with ME

The message I get. Duh, now – it’s what happens when you no longer have a wireless modem with a working chip.

Please bear with us for a few slow days

by Eric Jackson, the editor

I could twist a little truth, omit some key facts and twist it up into a big lie, so as to shift blame elsewhere. Isn’t that the essence of a certain sort of lawyer culture?

However, the first principle of journalism is the truth, and by all appearances it’s my own fault that The Panama News has had no Internet connection of its own since Saturday morning. It’s into Plans B, C, and so on to correct the problem and it may take a few days, even if I can use someone else’s WiFi now and then, here and there, to keep publishing at least a bit as I sort this problem out. Please bear with me.

The little truth that could be the stuff of which lies are spun, but is a big enough truth in and of itself without being abused? A few years ago, before the monopolistic downsizing of options and service for people who work on laptops with wireless connections to the Internet, replacing a wireless modem, or getting some comparable working connection, was quicker and easier. But I have to work with what’s available now.

Soon reach….


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