Soon reach — I hope

Don’t worry – she only bites people she doesn’t like.

A day of small progress

by Eric Jackson

Still not back to a regular Internet connection at my home. May still be a few days. But I wrote by night, found WiFi Plan A out of service, and put in a few hours of uploading at WiFi Plan B.

It seems that at my house, the router route does not work using Tigo or MásMovil. Arranging to us the usual service I have been, Claro, runs into cell phone problems here but elsewhere it might not. Getting a new 4G Claro-compatible dongle stick and signed up for a monthly plan with the new chip number? That one be one way, a restorationist way. But is Claro just shutting down? Is the wireless modem something that the industry barons are just phasing out? Going with Elon’s satellite service? Can that be done here in El Bajito? Rumor has it that this is the better way, but I don’t know where to get started.

Part of the problem is that if there is a known need, or something interests me, I readily learn it. A lot of other things I just ignore – it was that way with certain things in school, too. That is, until I MUST need to know.

Stuff about celebrities, or old television shows, I probably won’t know. Except that The Ghoul was THE KING. In Ghoul we trusted – nobody else. Why else would your editor think of Voyage To The Planet Of The Prehistoric Women when the concept of unintended hilarious comes up? I’m the kind of guy who explains to bewildered Panamanians who don’t speak English and who have never been to North America the particulars of why eating yellow snow is not a good idea.

Anyway I am on a steep learning curve in more than one direction at the moment.


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