Biden’s State of the Union address 2024

Video from the House of Representatives floor feed, Spanish subtitles by the White House. The speech begins about 40 minutes into the video.
Video de la transmisión de la Cámara de Representantes, subtítulos en español de la Casa Blanca. El discurso comienza aproximadamente a 40 minutos del vídeo.

State of The Union 2024

About the Republican response: The United States is a conflicted nation, but that was not the big problem last night. The official GOP response, by a senator from Alabama, misrepresented conditions on the US border with Mexico and employed the technique of pointing out a particularly vicious crime committed by a man who illegally crossed the border to suggest that most, or many, undocumented immigrants are like that. The Panama News doesn’t publish inflammatory hate screeds, nor dishonest claims, in the name of “balance.”

The heckling? To be honest, the speaker and other Republican leaders advised their party members against it. Both major parties are divided about this or that. But the House Republicans are in terrible, dysfuntional disarray.


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