NAACP takes an antiwar stand on Gaza

Haifa in may
Unattributed photo that was in Haaretz, of a protest march on May 4, 2024 in Haifa. The protests have become more massive and combative since.

NAACP urges Biden to limit weapons shipments to Israel and help end the war

by Manuel Castro-Rodríguez

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), which is the largest US civil rights organization, urges Biden-Harris administration to stop shipments of weapons targeting civilians to Israel and push for ceasefire. in a White House statement published on June 6, the administration pointed out:

Over Memorial Day weekend… Israel launched airstrikes into Rafah Refugee Camp in the south of Gaza City, resulting in the deaths of 45 Palestinians and leaving over 200 people, many of whom were young children, injured. The airstrikes occurred despite an order from the top United Nations court for Israel to halt its operation there. The White House has described the weekend’s attacks as more than tragic. Following the attack on southern Israel that killed around 1,200 people, reports from the UN note the total death toll of Gazans has reached over 36,000 with another 81,000 injured. Nearly 500 Palestinians in the West Bank, including 117 children, have also been killed. On Friday, May 31, the White House issued a three-stage proposal to define the path to a permanent ceasefire and return of the hostages currently held by Hamas.

NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson shared the following response:

The NAACP has and continues to express our profound sympathy to civilians whose lives have been unjustly impacted in the crossfire of conflict. What happened on October 7 was a tragedy, and it is our hope that those with loved ones still in captivity are reunited as expeditiously as possible.

As the nation’s leading civil rights organization, it is our responsibility to speak out in the face of injustice and work to hold our elected officials accountable for the promises they’ve made. Over the past months, we have been forced to bear witness to unspeakable violence, affecting innocent civilians, which is unacceptable. The most recent statement from the Biden administration is useful but does not go far enough. It is one thing to call for a ceasefire, it is another to take the measures necessary to work towards liberation for all. Decades of conflict reflect that factions inside Israel and Hamas actively work against resolution of the conflict. The latest proposal must clarify the consequences of continued violence. The United States and the international community must be willing to pull the levers of power when appropriate to advance liberation for all.

The Middle East conflict will only be resolved when the US government and international community take action, including limiting access to weapons used against civilians. The NAACP calls on President Biden to draw the red line and indefinitely end the shipment of weapons and artillery to the state of Israel and other states that supply weapons to Hamas and other terrorist organizations. It is imperative that the violence that has claimed so many civilian lives, immediately stop. Hamas must return the hostages and stop all terrorist activity. Israel must commit to an offensive strategy that is aligned with International and Humanitarian laws. Peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians can only align when the humanity and common needs of people within the region are respected. Centuries of conflict reflect that violence results in more violence. The spillover effect in the United States is more racism, Anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia.

The current state of Gaza and the latest bombing of Rafah complicates an already dire humanitarian crisis. Relief workers have also been killed while attempting to administer aid and support to the people of Gaza. The NAACP strongly condemns these actions and calls for an immediate and permanent ceasefire so that resolution of the conflict towards a two-state solution can begin.



Manuel Castro-Rodríguez, a native of Cuba and for a time a resident of Panama, lives in and reports from the Miami area.


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