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The cover of the current issue of Private Eye (UK).

The Panama Papers scandals multiply and accelerate

Links in English

The Guardian, US Justice Department to probe Panama Papers tax cheats

Boston Globe, Panama Papers provide a peek at the divorces of the rich

Reddit, A chat with three reporters who helped to break the Panama Papers story

Hightower, Cameron is cornered

The Guardian, Hong Kong editor sacked after publishing Panama Papers story

Center for Public Integrity, Banks must reveal Panama dealings to NY regulator

Fortune, Why the Panama Papers largely spared Americans

Financial Times, UK financial enforcer says Panama Papers charges will be difficult

The Non Profit Times, Mossack Fonseca arranged fake charitable gifts

South China Morning Post: Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong pols named in Panama Papers

Mint, Dubai is a new magnet for India’s money launderers

Reuters, Venezuela indicts businessman named in Panama Papers

ANCIR, Namibian receptionist finds she’s listed as owner of companies

Politico, Why we should worry about the Panama Papers

ABC, Some 80 Australian criminals found in the Panama Papers

BBC, The Panama Papers and Pakistan’s prime minister


Vínculos en español

El Espectador, ¿Qué esconden los papeles de Panamá?

El País, Mossack Fonseca aparece en una veintena de causas judiciales en España

El Confidencial, De Andorra a Panamá

Radio Macondo, Casa Real española en jaque por los papeles de Panamá

El Confidencial, Pareja de Felipe González tenía un negocio offshore

Bernal, Nuevo Amanecer

La Prensa, Periodistas de La Prensa rinden declaración jurada

Prensa Latina, Posibles vínculos de Mossack-Fonseca con invasión a Panamá

Video, Sindicalistas exigen investigar a panameños en Papeles de Panamá

EFE, Superintendencia de Valores inspecciona actividad de Mossack Fonseca

TeleSUR, Empresario venezolano detenido por caso Panama Papers

El Día, Procurador dominicano espera datos de Panamá

Prensa Latina, Senado uruguayo crea comisión para investigar Panama Papers

Forbes México, Repatrian 170 millones de pesos tras escándalo de Panama Papers

Infobae, Mexicanos protestaron desnudos por los Panamá Papers


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