The Panama News blog links, April 19, 2016


The Panama News blog links, April 19, 2016

Seatrade Maritime News, PanCanal taking transit reservations for new locks

AFP, Nuevas restricciones de calado en el Canal

Naím, El Canal: una historia panameña

Reuters, Sacyr estima que van a recuperar un 42% de sus reclamaciones

China-US Focus, Nicaragua and Panama: a tale of two canals

Reuters, Panama says it will adopt international tax reporting standards

South China Morning Post, US Treasury boss Lew supports tax haven crackdown

ABC, Maltese PM wins no-confidence vote over Panama companies

Asbarez, Armenia’s chief bailiff resigns after Panama Papers revelations

McClatchy, Inside Panama Papers: multiple Clinton connections

The New York Times, Panama Papers reports are old news for Africans

London Economic, 300 Tories who blocked a Panama Papers probe

Gráfico, Las empresas de Ricardo Martinelli

El País, Rousseff’s future now in the hands of the Brazilian Senate

BBC, Ecuador quake toll at least 413

Caribbean News Now!, UN food relief for drought-stricken Haiti

Vargas Velásquez, Cumbre antidrogas: ¿continuidad con cambio?

Motherboard, The Hacking Team’s Latin American Empire

Derechos Digitales, Malware para la vigilancia (PDF)

E&N, Costa Rica tendrá su primer satélite

Science Alert, Russian researcher illegally shares millions of science papers

Prensa Latina, Many Panamanian kids are overweight

Mongabay, Demand for coffee threatens remaining intact tropical rainforests

STRI, African wars endanger world’s largest gorilla subspecies

Bernal, Un nuevo amanecer para Panamá

Video, Post-conflict transition for Afro-Colombian and Indigenous people in Choco

STRATFOR, A chance for change in Brazil’s scandal

BBC, Dilma says her conscience is clear

Boff, Un golpe parlamentario

D’Avila, How to save Brazil

The Intercept, Interview with the sole witness to the Berta Cáceres assassination

Achtenberg: After the referendum, what’s next for Bolivia’s left?

Weeks: The EU, TSCG and the Brexit referendum

Eyes on Trade, Audit of TPP tax cut claims shows cooked and misleading numbers

Schwartz, To shut down tax havens…

Bunch: Hillary, the Panama Papers, and the death of American kleptocracy

Daily Signal, Ukrainian politicians in trouble over corruption and Panama Papers

Video, Owning a motorcycle in Panama City

Vice, Rubén Blades recuerda a Gabo


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