The Panama News blog links, April 30, 2016


The Panama News blog links

Xinhua, Chinese ship to be first to use new locks

Vessel Finder, Safety concerns over new Panama Canal locks

MarineLink, ACP dismisses ITF claims

COHA, Nicaragua Canal stuck in a quagmire

Railway Technology, Panama and Japan sign monorail finance deal

Video, Takashi Uchiyana vs. Jezreel Corrales

Fight News, Corrales gets hero’s welcome at Panama homecoming

Caribbean News Now!, FIFA’s Warner continues to fight US extradition efforts

Boeglin, La demanda contra Panamá ante el CIADI

FTSE News, Barclay’s pans First Quantum stock

La Estrella, Propondrán a Banconal como corresponsal en el EEUU

AFP, Comité internacional revisará sistema financiero de Panamá

Euronews, Panama’s finance minister faces French counterpart

Reuters, Varela and Merkel spoke by phone about transparency and taxes

El Espectador, Panamá y Colombia acuerdan intercambio de información tributaria

Razo, Cruz & Landa: Redirecting the Panama Papers

La Estrella, Shredded paper at Mossack Fonseca

Fang, Former tax lobbyists are writing US rules on tax dodging

STRATFOR, A Bright Future for Solar Power in the Middle East

E&N, El Niño golpea a casi 10 millones de personas en la región

Rivera, Las lluvias traen ríos de plástico hacía la bahia

Latin American Herald Tribune: Baru, the volcano that overlooks two seas

Carrera, The defense of seeds in Latin America

Fast Company Design, Mapping the world’s complex shipping routes

Diagana & White, Malaria’s deadly comeback

Discovery News, Bisexual bird commune found in Panama

Prensa Latina, Panama hosts indigenous parliament

AP, Two killed in Panama – Colombia border firefight

Caribbean News Now!, UN ‘deeply concerned’ at missed election deadline in Haiti

AI, Surge in killings by police sparks fear in favelas ahead of Rio Olympics

Sundaram: Panama, secrecy and tax havens

Dorado, El fortalecimiento del seudo-fascismo tropical de Uribe

Farthing, Little transparency or progress at UN drug session

Moisi, France’s next president

Fishman, Brazilian cybercrime bills threaten open Internet for 200 million people

Castro Soto: “In crisis, we find hope”

Human Rights Watch, Glimmer of hope for US military rape victims

Keller, The Return of the Desert God

BBC, Prince’s band The Revolution to reunite

Blades, A Puerto Rico


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