The Panama News blog links, May 11, 2016


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The Panama News blog links

NPR, A wider and deeper Panama Canal prepares to open its new locks

Hellenic Shipping News, PanCanal revenue decline predicted

ITF, Unions stick by their safety critique of the new locks

Mongabay, Study says Nicaragua Canal threatens endangered species

JOC: ACP ousts MIT (Motta) bid, narrows field for Diablo / Corozal port concession

USA Today, Panama-flag ghost tanker washes ashore with no crew

ITCM, New air service between Panama and Istanbul

Xinhua, Avión de Delta aterrizó en Panamá por amenaza de bomba, Panama names Copa America soccer squad

FIBA, Centrobasket tournament at Gimnasio Roberto Duran June 19-25

Financial Times, Panama bows to pressure on international financial data exchanges

Reuters, CitiValores cancela compra de bonos de Tocumen

El Espectador, ¿Qué tanto le importa a Colombia la economía panameña?

CNS, EU blacklist of tax havens coming within six months

AFP, Desempleo en Latinoamérica escalará hasta el 7 % en 2016

TVNZ, Australia’s prime minister named in Panama Papers link

TeleSur, Hillary donors caught up in new Panama Papers release

Reuters, Panama closes border with Colombia

WCEM, Mexico begins to balk about taking Cubans from Panama

La Estrella, Robinson lllama para diálogo adentro del PRD

TVN, Autoridades desmantelan célula del ‘Clan Úsuga’ en Chame

BBC, Colombia to hit drug gangs with air strikes

Chiriqui Natural, Visita solidaria al campamento de protesta contra Barro Blanco

SOA Watch, Four arrested for Berta Cáceres assassination

Tech Crunch, Brazil orders cell phone carriers to block WhatsApp

WOLA, Colombia returns to spraying glyphosate on coca

ABC, Doctors Without Borders pulls out of UN aid summit

The New York Times, Panama confirms Zika-related microcephaly cases

Scientific American, Vaccines put brakes on yellow fever outbreak

The Intercept, GPS tracker catches US recyclers exporting toxic e-waste

STRI, Cooperative fish take turns with gender roles

PLoS, Underground fungi detected from space

PR, Varela: “My country is not corrupt”

Blades, Una oportunidad

Fischer, Reinventing Europe

Snowden, Whistleblowing is not just leaking — it’s an act of political resistance

Süddeutsche Zeitung, John Doe’s manifesto

Greenwald, The spectacular pundit failure about Trump

The Guardian: Ilma Gore, whose nude painting of Trump went viral


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