The Panama News blog links, May 21, 2016


The Panama News blog links

Container Management, PanCanal to use up to five tugs per ship in new locks

ACP Advisory, Draft restricted to 42 feet on new locks that are designed for 50 feet

ANP, Así se ven las nuevas esclusas del Canal de Panamá

Hellenic Shipping News, Chinese to build Colon’s new port for the bigger ships

Daily Beast, Will Nicaragua ever get its Grand Canal?

Hellenic Shipping News, New PanCanal competition from Costa Rican dry route?

MLS Soccer, Columbus Crew adds Panama’s Cristian Martínez

World Boxing News, WBA orders Concepción – Kono title bout

European Supermarket Magazine, Atlas and Balboa beer brands traded to Brazilians

Video, Protesta en contra de Barro Blanco frente la Gobernación en David

Telemetro, Licencias del EEUU en caso Waked vigentes hasta el 14 de junio

Balboa Bank & Trust, Board of Directors

Stanford’s Forgotten Victims, US judge OKs Stanford assets’ sale to Waked group

Prensa Latina, Japan reaches tax data deal with Panama

AFP, Panamá necesita más tiempo para investigar a Mossack Fonseca

Portland Business Journal, Senator Wyden calls Panama Papers a wake-up call

EFE, Experto ruso: la filtración de documentos de Mossack Fonseca fue interna

VICE, Why the Panama Papers are a women’s rights issue

Página 12, Con la lupa sobre los negocios de Macri

Reuters, Police widen investigation of Odebrecht corruption in Angola

Main, MACCIH makes its first apperance

Bananama Republic, Identity thief heads Democrats Abroad Panama

TVN, Robo y suplantación de identidad en internet no están delitos en Panamá

Newsroom Panama, Noriega seeks house arrest

La Estrella, Rector será investigado bajo el sistema penal acusatorio

Sputnik International, Russian Duma OKs extradition pact with Panama

Caribbean News Now!, Suriname approves Islamic Charter

IHU/Adital, Temer fue informante de la inteligencia de EEUU

BBC, Volcano ash covers Costa Rica towns

Fish Update, Canada approves genetically modified salmon

EFE, Centroamérica ante la peor sequía en 30 años

Seattle P-I, Washington AG rebukes congressional climate change deniers

Miami Herald, Researchers help Miami plan for sea rise and climate change

Forbes, How birds became red

WHO, Emergency Committee meets on Angola yellow fever outbreak

Mongabay: TTIP unfriendly to environment, consumers and democracy

Greenwald, First interview with Dilma Rousseff after her suspension

WOLA, Money laundering and Peru’s presidential elections

Stiglitz, Monopoly’s new era

Chomsky, La crisis de los refugiados

Taibbi, Trump isn’t the campaign media’s first mistake

Vivas, ¿Qué queda de tanta indignación?

Goett, Nicaragua’s zombie megaproject

Boff: Madre, arquetipo fundamental de la psique humana

Jansen, Maksoud was a great Arab ambassador to the world

Blades, Morley Safer

The Hollywood Reporter, “Hands of Stone” at Cannes review


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