Abandoning the old in what was the CZ part of Curundu…

I'm Number 6! I'm Number 6!
Excellency Number Six in a minor governmental hierarchy used to park here. That was in Panamanian government times, after the old warehouse’s reversion to Panama from its prior existence in Canal Zone times.

Part of Curundu, now in the way of the National Police headquarters expansion

photos by Eric Jackson


Old cop cars as organ donors
The National Police already have a presence in the dilapidated area of the old Canal Zone part of Curundu. It’s where they have their vehicle maintenance shop, a small fleet of junk cars and paddy wagons that are cannibalized for parts, and where they park some of the trucks they have seized in raids.


ferocious attack cat
The whole neighborhood is patrolled by feral cats. But these days the members of this feline force are fewer and healthier, thanks to interventions and collaborations by cops and other government workers in the area and Spay Panama.


what China isn't buying these days
Scavengers are still finding things to take, without a great deal of interference from anyone. During this photographer’s visit a man was collecting ceiling panels.


Led Zep never played here
Somewhere now, or in our primitive past, has there ever been a denomination that considers this a stairway to heaven?


Isn't he the guy who...?
You never know what people believe, or whom you might meet, in a place like this.


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