The Panama News blog links, June 15, 2016


The Panama News blog links

AP, New challenges for boat captains with expanded Panama Canal

Bayano digital, Denuncian plan de privatización del Canal de Panamá

Hydro International, New electronic navigation charts needed for expanded canal

Hellenic Shipping News, New Panama Canal isn’t expected to attract more tankers

South China Morning Post, HK company defies Nicaragua Canal doomsayers

GCaptain, Ship detained after launching drone in Suez Canal

SB Nation, Wild soccer action as Panama beats Bolivia

Video, Messi et al rout Panama, Chile 4 – Panama 2

TVN, Gobierno amenza sanciones para informes falsas sobre el gripe

La Estrella, Un viaje a Chicago y la renuncia del ministro Terrientes

NDTV, US sanctions threaten 167-year-old Panamanian newspaper

COHA, The Panamanian government damns the Ngabe-Bugle Comarca

Lexology, Developer’s claim against Panama rejected for jurisdiction maneuver

Videos, Foro FRENADESO sobre los Panama Papers y el caso Waked

Australian Financial Review, The Panama Papers and Turnbull’s $3 million windfall

Colombia Law & Business, Who is on the Clinton List and can they get removed?

Bloomberg, SEC won’t pay for Panama-based Canadian hustlers’ adventure

AFP, Millions of Latin Americans may fall back into poverty

Eyes on Trade, US agro exports lag under trade deals

Campanella, Generation Jobless

China Post, Tsai hoping for stronger Taiwan-Panama ties

Nikkei Asian Review, US strings in Tsai visit to Panama?

Xinhua, Promueven en Panamá reunificación de China bajo nuevas condiciones

Caribbean News Now!, Marijuana conversation advances in CARICOM

Página 12: MORENA, nuevo actor en México

The Independent, Massive swing to Brexit

BBC, US embassy’s rainbow flag prompts criticism in Jamaica

Christian Science Monitor, Panama’s original nations use drones to protect their land

STRI, Evolution painted onto butterfly wings

Telemetro, Instituto Gorgas envía al CDC de Atlanta cepa del virus de la influenza

Khor, Facing up to the world’s health crises

The New York Times, Is shell shock more physical than emotional?

Video, Electric eel shocks imitation predator

E&N, El cambio climático amenaza a los patrimonios de Latinoamérica

Science Daily, Saving North America’s salamanders and newts

El País, Hallado el primer fragmento del asteroide que cambió la vida en la Tierra

Fortes & Chazkel, Latin Americanists say “no” to the coup in Brazil

Video, Bill Clinton’s eulogy at Muhammad Ali’s funeral

Video, Attallah Shabazz’s eulogy at Muhammad Ali’s funeral

Video, Rabbi Michael Lerner’s eulogy at Muhammad Ali’s funeral

Blades, Los sucesos de Orlando

ANSUR, Mandatarios de la región repudian atentado en Orlando

Calvo, Estados Unidos: prohibido ser inocente

Aronson, How the FBI’s pursue-every-lead policy allowed the Orlando shooting

McLaughlin, A warning: Senator Leahy’s story about J. Edgar Hoover

Stiglitz & Schiffrin, Learning from Nambia


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