Saturday morning at the farmers’ market in Curundu

market 1
Loading a small grocer’s pickup truck.

Saturday HQ for small business and smart shoppers

photos by Eric Jackson

It was to be moved out to Juan Diaz by the Martinelli regime and part of it was torn down to make room for the adjacent new Electoral Tribunal headquarters. We could argue and analyze why the move never happened and how good or bad a thing that failure (or delay) has been — some other time. For now the Mercado de Abastos stays where it is, slightly expanded here and there, quite a bit more chaotic, but still the bastion of small-time capitalism that Panama City’s more discerning and budget-conscious consumers ought to know.

market 2
Piva nuts — or is it piba, or pixbae, or palm peach? These are a local starch staple from antiquity, a palm fruit that’s wonderful in many ways, but for starters steam them, peel them, remove the seed and dip the pieces in garlic butter before eating.


market 3
Part of a week’s stock for a mini-super.


market 4
Wholesale oranges and coconuts.


market 5
No, she is not shopping for El Renacer’s most infamous resident.


market 6
She also sells wholesale, but here she works the retail market.


market 6
A moment’s break in the heavy lifting for a mom and pop food importing business.


market 8
Outside, a mural celebrating the revolution of a business-wise indigenous nation that has a mostly agricultural and fshing economy.


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