The Panama News blog links, June 20, 2016


The Panama News blog links

Marketplace, Panama Canal expands as trade falls flat

Container Management, Alianz questions the use of tugs in the new locks

La Estrella, ACP admite a la Fiscalía que GUPC presentó montos inflados

BBC, How to inspire a new generation of female engineers

Tanker Shipping & Trade, Tankers locked out of expanded PanCanal benefits

NPR, Russia launches biggest and most powerful icebreaker

Navy Times, US Navy and Coast Guard need more icebreakers now

MarineLink, Demolition: spring cleaning for the fleet?

Telemetro, Gabriel Torres deja el fútbol de Venezuela para jugar en Suiza

Scout, SF Giants sign Rubén Tejada to a minor league contract

Luxemberger Wort, Mossack Fonseca demands prosecution of arrested employee

Fair Observer, Panama Papers point to shifting regulatory landscape for banks

Lexology, Panama and the corporate failure to prevent tax evasion

ANP, ATP tomará acciones contra Airbnb

Gordon, El Bloqueo: the continuing US embargo against Cuba

The Guardian, Rio de Janeiro state declares financial calamity

CBC, How Canada got into bed with tax havens

Video, Bases del CD exigen renuncias de Martinelli y Cortés

Chiriquí Natural, Actualización Río Tabasará y situación Barro Blanco

TVN, Corte Suprema revive el voto plancha en las elecciones generales

The Tico Times, Nicaragua expels three US officials

Reuters, Six killed in clash between Mexican teachers and cops

La Jornada, Asesinan a balazos a reportero en Juchitán

Newsroom Panama, All night lines for flu shots

Saludiario, Alerta en Panamá por presencia del virus de influenza AH1N1

WHO, Yellow Fever situation report

Video, Red-eyed tree frog embryos hatch to escape snake

Science Alert, Why there are no monkeys native to North America

Video, Tres jaguares nacen en zoo de México

Mongabay, How well have “conservation fads” worked in Latin America?

NASA, The new X-57 hybrid electric research plane

El Comercio, Holanda se despide del petróleo

Autoevolution, Germany may ban registration of non-electric cars

Nature, The physicist who studies ISIS online communities

Ars Technica: Smile, you’re in the FBI face-recognition database

Blades, Sobre el Honoris Causa de la Universidad de Panamá

Keillor, The punk who would be president

The Smoking Gun, DNC hacker releases Trump opposition report

Parry, The State Department’s collective madness

Targ, Planning a 21st Century New World Order

Morozov, They made him a moron

Greenwald, Why is the killer of British MP Jo Cox not being called a “terrorist”?

El Confidencial: ‘Los diarios de Turner’, que pudo inspirar el asesinato de Jo Cox

Cohen, Argentina expels TeleSur and RT

NPR, Egypt finalizes death sentence for Al Jazeera journalists

The Atlantic, The singular experience of the queer Latin nightclub


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