The Panama News blog links, July 10, 2016


The Panama News blog links

STRI, The Smithsonian celebrates the Panama Canal expansion

Blades, Ampliación del Canal de Panamá

Global Risks Insight, Three risks facing the expanded Panama Canal

The New York Times, The Panama Canal’s risky bet

TVN, Quijano dice que el New York Times tiene mala intención

Splash 24/7, Consultants say expanded PanCanal fraught with safety risks

La Estrella, Colisión de un remolcador y una lancha deja varios heridos, Ohio River ports expect PanCanal expansion bonus

ANNA-AERO, Copa grows its Argentina and Peru connections

Telemetro, Esgrimista Eileen Grench a los Juegos Olímpicos

Fresno Bee, Alaska to Panama indigenous runners pass through, Panama’s under-20 team blanked by USA

ANP, En Brasil siguen investigación a entidad panameña

La Estrella, Tagarópulos adquiere Dunkin’ Donuts en Panamá

USA Today, Panama faces back-to-back financial scandals

Bloomberg, JP Morgan says Panama bonds are a buy

Prensa Latina, Panamanians skeptical about economic progress

Reuters, Philip Morris loses World Bank case against Uruguay

Baker, The need for a higher-valued Chinese currency

STRI, A bioarchaeologist reads history from bones

Mongabay, Researchers predict extreme tropical wildlife displacement

Science Alert, Strange sound coming from the Caribbean Sea

Science, The questions that opened doors

India Times, A cockpit view of a storm off of Panama’s Pacific coast

Gaceta Oficial, Prorroga la mora en importaciones de armas (PDF)

North, Rebellion spreads in Mexico after a police massacre

Americas Program, Death squad revelations in Honduras

OFRANEH, Los asesinatos de las defensoras de los ríos

BBC, Worldwide anger over Honduran activist’s death

Reuters, Hija de Allende apunta a carrera presidencial en Chile

National Catholic Reporter, Chilean ex-soldier found liable for death of Victor Jara

COHA, Bahamians vote against gender equality

BBC, Bahamas issues US travel advisory for young black men

Consortium News, The long hidden Saudi – 9/11 connection

Yahoo! Finance, Trump’s email spam problem

“Guccifer 2.0” – Links and FAQ on the DNC hack

The Hill, George Will leaves the GOP

WOLA, GOP House leadership shift on Cuba

Barrett Brown, The fact of Sisyphus

FOR, Longing for peace in Colombia

Nichols, Congress imposes colonialism at its worst on Puerto Rico

Gonzalez & Dominzain, How Brexit affects Latin America

Yepe, Brexit llegó al Caribe

Stiglitz, From Brexit to the future

Borowitz, British lose the right to claim that Americans are dumber

Soros, Brexit and the future of Europe

Fischer, Reawakening Europe

Sachs, Why ISIS persists

Caribbean News Now!, The Mighty Sparrow celebrates his 81st birthday

The Shout, New liqueur from Panama’s Geisha coffee


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