The Panama News blog links, July 28, 2016


The Panama News blog links

BBC, Ship hits wall of Panama Canal renewing design concerns

Reuters, Ship hits wall of expanded Panama Canal in 3rd incident in a month

Bloomberg, US shale gas heads to East Asia for the first time

The National Interest, China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative

US Soccer, Panama to host CONCACAF under-17 championship

NORCECA, Nicas lead U-23 Central American volleyball meet in Panama

ANP, Presupuesto de Panamá para 2017 será de $21.670 millones

La Estrella, Caen principales indicadores del sector de la construcción

GTR, Trade dispute with Colombia threaten’s Panama’s Pacific Alliance hopes

ANP, Panamá insiste en el fallo de la OMC

Splash24/7, Court reinstates ban on Odebrecht bids for Petrobras contracts

Ugarteche & Luna, TPP: from multilateralism to neoregionalism

Sundaram, US government report exposes exaggerated TPP growth claims

Video, Argentina’s economic shakeup

Reporters Without Borders, When oligarchs go media shopping, Butterflies use differences in leaf shape to distinguish plants

The New York Times: Meet Luca, the ancestor of all living things

Smithsonian Insider, New scorpionfish discovered in the Caribbean

Mongabay, Rio Olympic organizers fail to meet all environmental goals

WHO, Mobile labs deliver quicker yellow fever test results

CNS, Cayman Islands judge upholds release of GE mosquitoes

Lesser & Kitron, The social geography of Zika

TVN: Natalia Kanem, panameña con más alto rango en la ONU

The Daily Dot, Panama is fighting to save teen lives through sex ed

The Daily Beast, Death on the Serpent River (part 1)

CBS, Wisconsin teen found dead on beach in Panama

Newsroom Panama, Panama gets air ambulance to settle Finmeccanica dispute

BBC, Panama launches investigation into 1989 US invasion

E&N, Colombia alista deportación de cubanos varados en frontera con Panamá

CNS, Cayman Islands shut down company of fugitive who was in Panama

Video, El manejo irresponsable en Panamá

The Intercept, Surveillance Court reined in FBI on use of data from phone calls

Greenwald & Dau, Folha’s journalistic fraud: a smoking gun emerges

CNN, Tiny wall built around Trump’s Hollywood Star

MSNBC, Sanders team responds to leaked DNC emails

Wagner & Austin, The death of World Heritage Sites

Mota & Mariani, Institutionalized sexism in Brazil

Lévy, Trump the traitor

Faljo, ¿Y si gana Trump?

Sierra, El otro (gran) peligro de Trump

Cuba en Miami, Carta de un exiliado cubano sobre Trump

Blades, La Convención Republicana y el discurso del candidato Trump


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