The Panama News blog links, August 8, 2016


The Panama News blog links

The New York Times, Fender benders on water?

Platts, PanCanal eases draft restrictions for new locks

Reuters, PanCanal cost overruns claim dismissed

WJCT, Multinational PanCanal naval games in Jacksonville

PennLive, Aguadulce are LatAm Little League champs

Telemetro, Beisbol sub-15: Panamá gana a Colombia por abultamiento

AFI, The Panama Saints are the 2016 PMFL champs

Muscarella, Olympic death toll in Rio

El Tiempo, Los trasfondos de la ‘guerra’ con Panamá

La Estrella, ASSA compra a AIG Panamá

ANP, VML se encargará de la promoción del turismo panameño

Wall Street Journal, US prosecutors probe Mossack Fonseca employees

CNBC: HSBC, with profits down, warns on Panama Papers

International Adviser, Run on Lord Ashcroft’s bank in Belize after US FATCA probes

Richardson, Is solar energy really too expensive?

STRI, Focus on marine migrations

Mongabay, Humpback whales rescue seals from killer whales

El País, Cientos de cubanos se lanzan a la selva colombiana para llegar a EEUU

El Tiempo, Llegó la hora para el plebescito de paz en Colombia

El Tiempo, Las encuestas sobre el plebescito de paz

Havana Times, Nicaragua Electoral Council expels 16 opposition legislators

BBC, Daniel Ortega makes his wife his running mate

El Heraldo, Plebescito en Honduras incluye reelección presidencial

Audio, Following the money behind the drug wars

E&N, Carrera armamentista en el norte de Centroamérica

Political Scrapbook, At a Trump rally in the South

NBC, Most Americans prefer Democrats in charge of Congress, How does Jill Stein poll?

The New York Times, Gary Johnson gets a GOP congressman’s endorsement

The Guardian, Donald Trump and Russia

Nation of Change, Top DNC officials resign in wake of WikiLeaks revelations

Mackey, What Julian Assange’s war on Hillary Clinton says about WikiLeaks

Stiglitz, Trump and the damage done

Weisbrot, Which US presidential candidate is worse for Latin America?

Sanders, I am voting for Hillary and so should my supporters

Lord Jonathan Sacks, Outsourcing (PDF)

Sundaram & Popov, Free trade’s diminishing returns

Eyes on Trade, Six things to know about the TPP

Reich, The real reckoning

Varoufakis, Building a progressive international

Kurtzer, Israel’s political hawks and military doves

Avnery, The shot heard all over the country

The Daily Beast, The lost girls of Panama (part 3)

El País, Netflix prepara su propia película sobre los papeles de Panamá

Catholic News Service, World Youth Day 2019 to be held in Panama


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